Levi Budd

  • Client Side Engineering specializing in mobile-friendly frontend web development, semantic HTML, modular progressively enhanced CSS and efficient client-side javascript and jQuery.
  • lmbudd@icloud.com
  • Project Overview

    I was excited to work in Wordpress for the first time! MSAADA invited me to help them with customizing some sections of their recently bought themed wordpress site.

    Whenever coming across someone else's semantic code I find myself taking time to learn their writing language first to have a good handle on their personal naming system. In this theme their must have been a team working together on this. The PHP was extremely cluttered and dense. Luckily, I was able make most of the corrections through the Child theme. From there it was a piece of cake!

    Most of the work was to create and build new layouts for the individual project and the individual country involvement pages. All of this was successfully changed within the Child css style sheet since no actual content was in need of replacement.

    For the Individual project pages, we went with a simple thumbnail slide on the left and form content on the right. Then, with the involvement summaries pages we went with a tiled mosaic. This made more sense to us because the summaries are an overview of the country and we would like images that would show the range of work with no hierarchy.

  • Project Overview

    Julius Caesar is not only a great historical figure, the name also references a non-profit artist run gallery in Chicago, IL. I am one of the co-directors at this gallery space and am in the progress of building a brand-spanking new website. At the moment the website is a pre-designd template that currently we are paying to use each month.

    When it comes to gallery websites I believe the more minimal the better. White background which mimics the gallery's white walls. This will create more focus on the large scale photographs of the artwork that we choose to display on the site.

    These images are the roughs for the site. We are currently working through the final stages and will soon be making the site live!

  • Project Overview

    Dreamboat is another artist gallery in Chicago run by a good friend of mine. I decided to help her out and create a quick one page site that is responsive and mobile friendly. In my free time I am building more pages that will show the past exhibitions.

  • Project Overview

    Sandcastle Gallery is an art exhibition space that I created a few years ago. The gallery functions in multiple 3D models that I have created. Once I have a finished model I invite an artist to display, or however they choose to install, their 3D rendered artwork inside.

    I created this page pixel perfect based on a buy this domain site default page for sandcastle.com. Humorous in its presentation I believe mimics the type of absurdity Sandcastle Gallery is after in the show’s they present.

    I have now asked each artist who exhibits work to create a page for the final product to be seen and